Aftermath. Summer term.

In the summer term nothing moved – as is traditional. A claimed ‘victory’ for the A2 occupation (on the reinstatement of the six suspended students) concealed an underlying failure to have a substantial material impact on redundancy numbers. Which is not to say that nothing of value happened in those weeks.

Despite a few more UCU strikes little changed on the roster of lost jobs.

Apart from strike-support activities (manning picket lines, providing lunch) the main activity in this period was retrenchment. The main campaign group organised a ‘teach-in’; the what-is-education working group arranged, haphazardly, a series of reflective public meetings for staff and students. Not poorly attended – but anyone could see that the pressure was off. In the end – although the tally isn’t yet clear – it seems an enormous number of colleagues lost their jobs (taking ‘voluntary’ redundancy instead of being forced out) and more cuts are due next year, not least in the under-discussed service sector. We’ll see, no doubt.

Post-lapsarian STC events
What-is-education meeting 1

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